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Sanctification Define | A Journey to Spiritual Purity | Get, Do, Be Better

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Walking the spiritual path isn't like taking a casual stroll through your neighborhood park. It’s more like embarking on a rugged mountain climb where every step forward requires determination, faith, and a heart wide open to transformation. Today, let’s talk about one of those mystifying terms that often pops up on this journey—sanctification. What does it truly mean to be sanctified, and how does this process touch the very core of our beings?

What is Sanctification?

If we crack open the evangelical dictionary again, the word sanctification sits there, described with words like "religious sanctification," "spiritual purity," and "biblical holiness." Yet, these phrases barely scratch the surface of the profound metamorphosis sanctification signifies in a believer's life. Broadly speaking, it's about a human being being set apart, not set apart in an elitist way but marked by a sacred intention to pursue purity and moral integrity.

The Bible nudges us gently into a deeper understanding. In 1 Thessalonians 4:3, it whispers, “For this is the will of God, your sanctification...” and in 2 Corinthians 7:1, it calls us to “cleanse ourselves from every defilement of body and spirit, bringing holiness to completion in the fear of God.” These aren't just verses; they're invitations to embark on a journey of divine encounter and internal revolution.

Reflecting on this journey we're on, it often strikes me that sanctification is where the essence of our Christian life finds its roots and its wings—it’s where we begin to understand what it means to truly live in God’s sanctifying grace. It's not some far-off concept, not at all. It's here and now, nestled in the folds of every decision, every whisper of our hearts to be called children do what is pure and right in the sight of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Imagine the Holy Spirit plays the role of a gentle teacher, one who's not rigid or distant, but who walks alongside us, guiding us with a kind of divine tenderness as we strive to live a life glorifying God. It's profound, isn't it? To think that through sanctification, God calls human beings—flawed and fragile as we are—to such a noble and high calling.

It's a bit like being given a map, where obeying God’s commands signals the checkpoints, and the journey itself, with all its twists and turns, leads us towards a place where we're able to stand before God, not in shame, but in a state of being that reflects His love and goodness.

Christian Life leading towards Jesus Christ

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The call to progressive sanctification, my friends, is not merely about following a set of rules or checking off a spiritual to-do list. It’s a dance with divinity, a heart beating in rhythm with Jesus Christ. When you let Him lead your progressive sanctification, each step becomes a move toward a holier life—a life that echoes with the purity of eternal intentions. It's about letting the Holy Spirit work through you in a divine waltz that slowly transforms your daily reality.

Now, let’s get personal—progressive sanctification is like that quiet, consistent friend—the one who’s always there, nudging you forward, helping you grow. It's not about overnight perfection; it's about persistence, about striving every day for a holy life, even when the steps are small.

Each moment spent in communion with the Spirit, each decision to push against the current of earthly temptations, is a step closer to that profound promise of eternal life. And in this intimate walk, in the quiet of your heart, you're sculpting out your own salvation with every thought, every action, every prayer.

The Process of Sanctification

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Have you ever found yourself before a breathtaking sunrise, feeling something stirring within you—a call to something greater, purer? That's what the onset of sanctification feels like. It begins with basic sense of God's grace touching your life, a gentle, transformative power that doesn’t bulldoze its way through but rather whispers change.

Surrendering to God's will doesn't imply losing ourselves but finding our true essence in the divine blueprint for our lives. It's about daily conversations with God, not just talking but listening, truly listening to the heartbeat of the Almighty. And the Holy Spirit? Imagine it as a friendly nudge, a powerful gust of wind that propels believers encourages us forward, guiding us to embody Christ-like characteristics.

Human Beings and the Pursuit of Growth

In this winding journey towards sanctification, it's critical to acknowledge the role of our very humanness. Sanctification involves the god's essential nature in us as human beings, intricate and flawed.

Think of it: clay in the Potter's hands, being molded with care, cracks and all. It's not about the pursuit of an unreachable christian perfection but rather the pursuit of authenticity in our relationship with God's spirit within, through the whispers and work of the Holy Spirit. As we stumble, as we fall and rise again, we're inching, ever so closer, to the likeness of Christ Jesus.

Christian Faith: A Tapestry Woven with Divine Thread

Our christian faith, oh what a tapestry it is! Each thread interwoven with divine intent, colored with grace and strength. Paul commands believers to "put on the new self" in Ephesians 4:24, and it's as if each day, we're invited to choose these vibrant threads, making decisions that reflect the new creation we are in Christ Jesus. It's sanctification in motion—a delicate balance of receiving God’s mercy and actively aligning our will with His purpose. Our faith is not static; it's alive, brimming with the ongoing work of both God's special purposes and our eager hearts.

The Dynamic Role of the Holy Spirit

Oh, and the Holy Spirit! The role it plays is nothing short of extraordinary. Imagine the Spirit as the breath beneath a bird's wings, unseen yet powerful enough to soar to untold heights. Jesus taught us that the Spirit is our Helper, our Guide. It's through this partnership with the Holy Spirit that sanctification becomes less of a daunting expedition and more of an adventurous sail.

We're never alone; we have this ever-present wind in our sails, reminding us that every effort, every earnest attempt at a holy life, is not just our doing—it's a divine conspiracy of love, with the Spirit interceded and advocating for us every step of the way.Obstacles to Sanctification

But, oh, how the path twists and turns! Temptations bud like thorns along the way, and our own inner demons rear their heads. Sanctification is no walk in the park—it's a battle, a daily picking up of one's cross, an acknowledgment that the allure of sin and the dazzle of worldly distractions are but mirages on this desert trek toward spiritual oasis.

Steps to Journey through Sanctification

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We're not meant to struggle alone; that's why God gave us the Spirit, and also each other. As we strive for holiness in Christ, let's remember to extend grace and love towards one another, to support and uplift each other in our journey through sanctification. And when we stumble, as we inevitably will, let's offer a hand to help each other back up, reminding each other of the ultimate goal: to stand before God in a state of pure reflection and adoration.

In our shared voyage toward becoming images of Jesus Christ, we often find the waters stirred by the gentle yet powerful currents of the Holy Spirit's guidance. Imagine your spiritual growth as sailing on an ancient sea, each wave shaped by the breath of God—a pilgrimage not just of duty, but of desire. It is the Holy Spirit that unfurls the sails of our souls, inviting us to venture deeper into the azure depths of holiness.

With each billow of wind, the Holy Spirit brings a surge of life, turning the rudder of our hearts toward the divine. Just as the Spirit hovered over the waters at the dawn of creation, so it hovers over the waters of our lives, transforming us from the inside out. Now, as we approach the next crest, let us dive into the strategies and actions that embody our commitment to this sacred journey of sanctification; may we navigate these waves with courage, with the Holy Spirit bringing constant renewal to our sails.

  1. Repentance and Confession - It all starts here, with a heart laid bare, acknowledging our imperfections before a perfect God.

  2. Daily Study of the Word of God - Diving into the Bible isn’t just about reading; it’s about letting the words read us, transform us, renew our minds.

  3. Prayer and Communion with God - Imagine these moments as heart-to-heart chats with your most understanding friend where you don't have to hold anything back.

  4. Fellowship with Other Believers - We weren't meant to walk this path alone. Community is where we find strength, solace, and shared joy.

  5. Cultivating a Life of Obedience - This is where the rubber meets the road, where faith turns into action, where we live out the truths we’ve learned.

In the intricacies of living out our daily lives, these steps unfold not in one sense as a linear progression but often circling back, spiraling upwards as we grow, fall, learn, and rise again.

The Illusion of Mere Moral Reformation

Sanctification is not a masquerade, donning a costume of piety for the world to see—it's a deep, transformative journey. Yet often, we find ourselves confusing mere moral reformation with true sanctification. We can fall into the trap of treating this divine process as if it were a checklist: Did I avoid this sin? Did I accomplish that good deed? But it's so much more.

Moral reformation skates on the surface, honing the exterior, all the while the heart remains untouched by divine grace. It is god's gift, akin to pruning a tree without regard to the roots, hoping the cuts alone will spur growth. Only God's gift can penetrate the depths where true change unfolds. This isn't about tallying good behavior; it is god's calling, about allowing the Holy Spirit to deeply recalibrate our hearts to reflect Jesus Christ, seeking only God's purpose in every act, rather than mere human approval.

The Struggle with Sexual Immorality

In this walk with God, we may stumble on a path marred by the stones of sexual immorality. It's a labyrinth that ensnares many believers, convincing them that they wander alone and unloved through their struggles. But here's where the Truth casts a light on shadows—every step taken in the direction of purity is a step taken hand in hand with divine grace. A believer dies to their former self to embrace a life that honors the temple of the Holy Spirit.

The victory over such temptations doesn't happen in isolation; it is a collective triumph that reflects Jesus Christ, with the thread of divine grace sewing up our tattered resistance, making us whole once more. It’s about understanding that sanctification is not a solo performance but a duet sung with God's children, where every note is tuned to echo an eternal love, a hallowed chorus that resonates with the promise of a life uplifted in service and adoration to God’s glory.

Be Set Apart by Christ Jesus

In the fabric of our Christian life, there's a golden thread that intertwines us with the divine—the sanctifying work of God. It's an intimate tapestry we're weaving, each stitch a day lived under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, who plays an irreplaceable role in shaping us into the likeness of Jesus Christ. Think about that for a moment: our very being, being molded into the holy person He meant us to be. How does that sit with you? Does it feel a bit like standing on holy ground, barefoot and awestruck?

I remember a time when the thought of obeying only God's commands felt like heavy chains rather than the silken cords of love they're meant to be. But then, something clicked. Maybe it was a verse I'd read a hundred times in the New Testament, but then on the hundred-and-first time, it sang through my bones. Paul commands believers, not out of a duty-bound rigidity of moral law, but out of the sure and certain hope of eternal life. It's in these very commands, in the very act of obedience, that freedom and joy are found!

Be Set Apart by Christ Jesus

So here's the thing—your own salvation, your walk toward that sacred becoming, it's not just about you. It's about God's work in you and through you. It's a path walked in tandem with the Spirit, and guess what? It's not supposed to be a lonesome trek.

As we lean into the scriptures, into the dust and breath of saints past, let's remind each other that we’re treading where they trod, hand in hand with the Almighty. When you feel you're faltering, when the stones of temptation or trials clutter your path, reach out. Reach up. Embrace the transformative power of grace. And remember, fellow traveler, we're on this journey together, seeking a prize far greater than any earthly accolade—the promise of eternal life, sung in the harmonies of a life uplifted in service and adoration.

Keep treading the path, keep seeking, keep surrendering to the process of sanctification that carves out the image of Christ within us. It's in this surrender, this trust, that we truly become luminous—reflectors of His light in a world that so desperately needs it.

The Echoes of Divine Whisper: Receiving through Revelation

  • Touchstones of the Divine Spark

At times, standing amidst His creation, one sense that we can almost hear the echoes of God’s whispers in the rustle of the leaves, or in the serene silence of a starlit sky. These whispers invite us into a deeper communion, where the Spirit plays an indelible role, nudging us towards revelations that can only be deciphered by a heart attuned to God's frequency—a frequency that vibrates with love, mercy, and sanctity.

  • The Greek Word Translated: Agape and Growth

When we pore over the New Testament, we find a Greek word translated as 'love'—agape. This isn't merely affection; it's a self-giving love that emanates from God's children. It's this agape that ignites spiritual growth within us, propelling a Christian believer towards a life that echoes the sacrificial love demonstrated by Christ—a love that can be lived out and experienced in our daily walk with Him.

  • A Harmony of Will: God Sanctifies

One of the most beautiful aspects of sanctification is the harmonious interplay between divine grace and human response. Both God's spirit and the believing soul contribute to this dance of sanctification. God sanctifies through the Spirit, and we, in turn, must embrace this grace, allowing it to transform us. Like a symphony, every note of our lives becomes aligned with the melody of God's purpose, and in the most basic sense, this is the crescendo of a life fully surrendered.

The Canvas of Commitment: Painting with the Palette of the Spirit

  • Scripture Speaks of a Saintly Pursuit

When scripture speaks to us, it commands Christians to lead a life that mirrors Christ's—inviting us to take up the brush and paint strokes of commitment on the vast canvas of faith. The word 'saint' itself suggests a certain set of aspirations, where each day is an opportunity to color our world with the virtues of the Spirit.

  • Praying Expresses Our Heart's Intent

Prayer isn’t merely a spiritual discipline; it's the language of intimacy with the Divine. Praying expresses desires, dreams, and even our deepest doubts. It's through prayer that Apostle Paul encourages a Christian’s commitment to bloom, through both whispered supplications and shouted joys, weaving our hearts closer to God's own.

  • Called Children and the Path of Surrender

Being called children of God isn't just a title—it's an adoption into a reality that utterly transforms. Unlike justification, which is immediate, sanctification is a journey peppered with moments of self-denial, soul-searching, and surrender. It is within the embrace of these realities that God makes His home in us, crafting our story into His grand narrative.

Interweaving Theology: The Tapestry of Faith

  • Systematic Theology: Echoing the Depths of Truth

In the pursuit of understanding God's work in us, systematic theology becomes a map of the divine. It sketches the contours of profound truths and guides believers in weaving these truths into the fabric of their daily lives.

  • Most Basic Sense of Our Being

In the most basic sense, John explains that to know and love God, is to live out His commands, to lead a life that's less about rigid adherence and more about the fluidity of love's true form. Sanctification is that process by which we become, at our core, an embodiment of that love.

  • Realities Relate in Our Sanctified Walk

In this beautiful, messy journey called sanctification, all of these realities relate to one another to shape us. They are the strands that the Spirit carefully weaves to create the rich tapestry of a sanctified life—a life that reflects the image of God in every thread, in every color, in every moment of surrender.


As you stand on the brink of this journey, remember, sanctification isn't a destination to rush toward but a process to embrace with every fiber of our being. While it crafts us for eternity, its beauty lies in how it infiltrates the mundane - transforming ordinary moments into sacred encounters.

So, here’s to the journey, fellow traveler. Here’s to the messy, glorious process of being transformed from glory to glory. Let the adventure of sanctification... redefine... and refine us, as we walk hand in hand with the Divine, towards spiritual purity.

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